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A Canvas that Giggles!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I love painting faces! It's super cute when your canvas hops off of a stool in front of you, hugs your middle with a giggle and says, "Thank You!" As an artist, even when painting portraits, I don't get smiles and giggles back from my work.

Traveling to and setting up for a face painting event can be hard work. Yet, the moment I transform a first grader into a fairy princess, or a cub scout into a Caribbean pirate, I'm revived. I instantly feel like a magic fairy godmother that is turning dreams into reality in five minutes time. (A young attractive fairy godmother with awesome hair, not the Angela Lansbury looking ones from the Disney movies!) The kids give me life! The adults, are just as fun! Softball dads with a pink bow and their daughters jersey number painted across their forehead...#priceless! Pink and blue teddy bears gently painted on an expectant mother's baby bump to announce the soon arrival of twins...#precious!

I have painted a lot of people over the years and each time I've been blessed by the giggles of excitement, proud papa smiles and tears of Joy (pun intended). If you are ever in the market for giggles, smiles and magical transformations at your next special event, hire a face painter. (preferably me) What ever the celebration, if your guests are 8 years old to 80, calm and reserved or wild and crazy, you won't be disappointed.

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